Visit historical monuments and museums from our central hotel in Volgograd

Explore Volgograd’s many popular attractions from our conveniently located hotel. Visit the Volgograd Panorama Museum or the Komsomol Garden Park to learn more about local history. Spend a magical night at the theatre at the Novyy Eksperimental'nyy Teatr. From the Tsaritsyn Fire Station and the Railway Station to the Alley of the Heroes, Volgograd holds many architectural treasures that are waiting to be discovered.

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Volgograd Panorama Museum

0.99 mi / 1.59 km from the hotel
This enormous museum is filled with wartime exhibits with its the highlight being a vivid 360-degree panorama of the Battle of Stalingrad.

Volgograd 1 Railway Station

0.09 mi / 0.15 km from the hotel
Famous for its stunning architecture, this railway station connecting visitors from different cities around Russia to Volgograd doubles as a local landmark. Visit the outside of the station to discover its granite façade, or head inside to take a peek at its gorgeous marble walls.

Komsomol Garden Park

0.31 mi / 0.5 km from the hotel
This gorgeous park in Volgograd is an excellent destination for those looking to escape busy city life. Go for a walk beneath tree-lined pathways and visit the Square of the Fallen Soldiers to discover the local heritage and history.

Novyy Eksperimental'nyy Teatr

0.37 mi / 0.59 km from the hotel
Enjoy an evening at the theater in this famous performing arts center in Volgograd. Located at the edge of the Detskiy Gorodskoy Park, this stylish and elegant building is a beautiful landmark worth visiting while exploring the city.

Tsaritsyn Fire Station and Tower

0.24 mi / 0.39 km from the hotel
Also known as the “Kalancha Tsaritsynskoy Pozharnoy Komandy,” this beautiful red and white building was constructed in the late 19th century as a fire station and watchtower. Nowadays, it is also one of the city's most famous architectural landmarks and tourist attractions.

Alley of the Heroes

0.61 mi / 0.98 km from the hotel
Leading from Volgograd's main square to the Volga River, this famous walkway rests on the site of the historic Battle of Stalingrad. Take a stroll down the alley to discover the names of the fallen heroes and explore the many monuments honoring those who fought in the historic battle.