Experience our culture with scenic walks, cookery, and local crafts

At Rakkh Resort, a member of Radisson Individuals Retreats, we encourage you to experience the rich culture of Himachal Pradesh. Experiment in local crafts with weaving and pottery classes. Join immersive visits to the surrounding villages and discover incredible flavors by sampling indigenous cuisine. A variety of excursions are to be enjoyed in and around our resort, from yoga and wall climbing to curated guided treks. All in-house activities and experiences are complimentary for our resident guests.

Walks and treks

Explore our beautiful destination and its picturesque surroundings with a calming walk or trek. Clear your mind while breathing in the refreshing mountain air and appreciate the magical scenery. Our guided treks of the local area are curated in-house and complimentary for resident guests.


Few things may be as gratifying and stimulating to the senses as making clay pottery. Our pottery station at Rakkh is a sustainable business due to the use of local materials and also provides job opportunities for the neighboring areas. Take away an environmentally-friendly souvenir to remember your stay with us at the finest luxury resort in Palampur.


To enjoy a truly authentic Rakkh experience, try your hand at the wonderful skill of weaving. Sit at our traditional wooden handloom with a yarn-wrapped bobbin that is installed in an adobe building constructed in the indigenous Kangri style.

Soft Adventures

Our resort has put together a list of exciting soft adventures that are safe and suitable for people of all ages and abilities. Enjoy fun family-friendly activities like wall climbing, slacklining, and archery. We can help you to plan the best adventure for you.

Kanghri Dham—a local dining experience

Tantalize your tastebuds at our luxury resort in Palampur. Dham is a delicious slow-cooked meal made with lentils, gram, and traditional spices that is served with rice. Your arrival at Rakkh gives us a reason to celebrate and set up the feast. We can also organize the Kanghri Dham experience for larger groups, on request. Drinks from the Dham Bar are not included in this package.

Yoga retreats

Our resort in the pristine hills of Kangra is the perfect location to practice wellbeing. Our yoga retreats and meditation courses are designed for different sized groups, with customizable food options available to suit dietary requirements.