Explore museums and experience the nightlife in Tashkent from our unique location

Let Panarams Tashkent Hotel, a member of Radisson Individuals, be your starting point for visiting the many museums, parks, and dining venues in the capital of Uzbekistan. Head to the Railway Museum with the family to wander past historic trains. Or, you can visit the country's largest state art museum. Our hotel is also next door to Expat Night Club, letting you dive into the capital's nightlife scene without moving far from your room. Read on for more suggestions of things to see and do in Tashkent.

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Ko’kaldosh Madrasah

4.04 mi / 6.51 km from the hotel
Built in the 16th century, this Islamic school and mosque, also known as Kukeldash Madrasah, features intricate mosaics and a beautifully manicured courtyard.

Expat Night Club

0.02 mi / 0.03 km from the hotel
Dance the night away while experiencing Tashkent’s buzzing nightlife scene at this vibrant nightclub.

Ashkhabad Park

0.69 mi / 1.11 km from the hotel
Spend a day at Ashkhabad Park with the entire family and enjoy amusement rides, including a Ferris Wheel and go-carts. The park also hosts musical events.

Railway Museum

0.04 mi / 0.06 km from the hotel
Explore a colorful collection of steam, electric, and diesel trains at this large and unique museum. This family-friendly museum not only lets you get close to the trains, but visitors can also go inside some of them.

Amir Timur Museum

1.73 mi / 2.78 km from the hotel
This museum is dedicated to the life of Amir Timur, a medieval warrior and politician from the late 14th century. Wander around the circular, blue-domed building, showcasing modern and historical features, and head inside to view exhibits with everything from manuscripts to home furnishings and fashion.

Uzbekistan State Museum of Art

1.88 mi / 3.02 km from the hotel
Perfect for art lovers, the country's largest art museum holds over 100,000 pieces. On display includes art pieces from Uzbekistan and Western Europe such as sculptures, furniture, pottery, textiles, fine art, and more.