Top attractions in the ancient city of Plovdiv

During your stay with us, be sure to explore Kapana, one of the most remarkable districts in Plovdiv, and home to some of the best bars and clubs. Easily reachable from the hotel, the concentration of galleries, studios, workshops, pedestrian street spaces, bars, and restaurants guarantee a unique experience. Discover a broad range of possibilities for tasting local cuisine and specialties from Spain, Italy, Turkey, Greece, or visit some of Bulgaria’s best boutique wineries that surround the town of Plovdiv. Check out more nearby attractions below.

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Plovdiv Old Town

0.87 mi / 1.39 km from the hotel
The Old Town and Roman Theatre of Philippopolis is an architectural and historical reserve located on three of Plovdiv's hills: Nebet Tepe, Dzhambaz Tepe, and Taksim Tepe. The complex combines the culture and architecture from Antiquity, Middle Ages and, Bulgarian revival. The theatre was constructed in the 90s of the 1st century AD, and is one of the world's best-preserved ancient Roman theatres. The theatre is still in use and can host between up to 7000 spectators.


1.06 mi / 1.71 km from the hotel
One of Plovdiv’s most remarkable districts, Kapana captivates visitors with its labyrinth of narrow medieval streets saturated with vibrant activities. Kapana is an attractive place for artists, curators, cultural managers, artisans, architects, writers, and musicians, and the concentration of galleries, studios, workshops, pedestrian streets, bars, and restaurants will keep you coming back for more. Feel at home as you lose yourself in the unique, friendly district of Kapana.

Main Street of Plovdiv

1.06 mi / 1.71 km from the hotel
Measuring 1750 meters, Plovdiv’s Main Street is one of the longest pedestrian streets in Europe. Main Street is not only a shopping paradise but also an architectural phenomenon. Most houses here were built in the early 20th century and represent Classicism, Secession, and Postmodernism. The Main Street loosely bounds the Old Town, and is the perfect spot for a romantic evening walk or to explore the city’s nightlife, along with the concerts and fairs that often take place.

The Bishop's Basilica of Philippopolis

0.78 mi / 1.25 km from the hotel
Also known as the Great Basilica, The Bishop’s Basilica of Philippopolis is the largest late antique early-Christian church to be discovered in Bulgaria, and one of the largest from that period on the Balkans. Built in the mid-4th century, its architecture was utterly remarkable. The Basilica of Philippopolis is located right next to the Roman Catholic Cathedral of St Louis, and is within walking distance from the Roman Forum, Saint Petka Church, and the Small Basilica.

Kolodrum Plovdiv

1.14 mi / 1.83 km from the hotel
Kolodrum Plovdiv is a velodrome and multifunctional indoor arena in Plovdiv. It is built in the place of the former track cycling velodrome in Plovdiv, and is currently the only indoor velodrome in Bulgaria and the largest one in the Balkans. The arena seats up to 7500 spectators and can host 22 additional types of sport or serve as a concert hall. The complex has a modern press center, dressing rooms, coaching facilities, a sports-recreational center, restaurants, and a large commercial center.

Plovdiv Plaza

0.72 mi / 1.15 km from the hotel
Plovdiv Plaza is the largest and most modern shopping center in Plovdiv. With its impressive architecture and design, the shopping center spans over 35,000 square meters and is distributed on 3 levels, where visitors can find a variety of modern shops of both leading international and Bulgarian brands, places for dining, and attractions for children and adults, as well as for the whole family!