Discover Odesa's culture and beachfront near Radisson Hotel Odesa City Centre

Odesa is a city brimming with history, culture, and the inviting sea breezes of the beach. Odesa is known locally as the “Pearl of the Black Sea”, due in part to the style and sophistication of the city, and the hidden treasures around every corner. A recommendation to start is to visit the catacombs and marvel at the sheer feat of underground engineering. From there Odesa and its neoclassical architecture should be enjoyed above ground. With countless cafes, bars, and restaurants, live like the locals and partake in the diverse cuisine, which has been shaped by the numerous inhabitants of Odesa. With the mighty Odesa Port and Lanzheron beach within walking distance, be prepared to see a different side to this multifaceted city.

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Duke de Richelieu Monument

0.36 mi / 0.58 km from the hotel
In a city full of monuments and statues, the Duc de Richelieu Monument is an impressive addition. The monument celebrates the one-time governor of Odesa. The success of the monument is in the detail, with each corner of the plinth having a variety of detailed symbols.

Langeron Beach

1.45 mi / 2.34 km from the hotel
The much-loved Lanzheron beach didn’t always have the same name. Governor-General Count Lanzheron, a long-term visitor, bequeathed his summer home to the residents to show his fondness for this gorgeous city-centric beach. After sunbathing, have a meal at one of the many sea-facing restaurants.

Odesa City Garden

0.12 mi / 0.19 km from the hotel
A stone-throw away from the hotel, the City Garden has a charming origin. Felix de Ribas donated the city garden to Odesa in 1806. Matching the old-world charm of the city, walk the cobbled streets, have a tea at one of the cafes, and enjoy a concert at the pavilion.

Odesa Sea Port Terminal

0.54 mi / 0.86 km from the hotel
As part of the “Pearl of the Black Sea’’, the Sea Port Terminal not only connects the key ports of the Black Sea but also showcases Odesa’s proud merchant history. Known for superb views, cafes, restaurants, and boutique shopping, the terminal is an unmissable corner of this fascinating city.

Odesa Theatre of Opera and Ballet

0.24 mi / 0.39 km from the hotel
The Odesa Theatre is a standout attraction. Reduced to ashes in 1873 after a fire, the theater was rebuilt in a neo-baroque style. Inside, the stage is in a horseshoe design and the decor is rococo-inspired. Keep a close eye on the schedule, as the theater is the most popular site in town.

Potyomkin Stairs

0.43 mi / 0.69 km from the hotel
Potyomkin Stairs form the city entrance from the direction of the sea and make for an arresting impression. Originally named both the Giant Staircase and the Boulevard, visitors will see evidence of Odesa’s French period. As every good Odesan knows, there are 192 steps.