Discover the many places to visit in Tirana while staying at the Radisson Collection Morina Hotel, Tirana

Albania's bustling capital is a treasure trove of historical and cultural attractions. Spend a day museum hopping and learn about Tirana's history, meander the streets from one landmark to the next, and head to one of the city squares where you can snap unique photos. There are also plenty of parks and green spaces around the city, perfect for a day outside and with the family.

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The Fortress of Justinian

1.58 mi / 2.54 km from the hotel
Also known as the Tirana Castle, this 14th-century fortress is a standing memory of the Byzantine Empire and once marked the center of the city. Inside its walls, you’ll find the Old Bazaar, where you can browse shops and traditional restaurants.

Et'hem Bej Mosque

1.74 mi / 2.79 km from the hotel
Located on the southern side of Skanderbeg Square, this 19th-century mosque showcases unique frescoes and offers tours to visitors during selected hours. Although it was closed during communist rule in Albania, it was declared a Cultural Monument of Albania in 1948 and reopened in 1991.

Skanderbeg Square

1.74 mi / 2.79 km from the hotel
Skanderbeg Square is Tirana's main plaza and a central meeting point when connecting with friends and family in the city. All around it, you'll find a number of landmarks and attractions, including the Skanderbeg Statue, The National Theatre of Opera and Ballet of Albania, the National History Museum, and City Hall.

The Museum of Secret Surveillance

1.58 mi / 2.55 km from the hotel
Awarded as the European Museum of the Year in 2020, The Museum of Secret Surveillance is dedicated to the victims of espionage and the imprisoned citizens during the communist era. This historic building is also known as The House of Leaves due to the plants covering its walls.

Bunk’Art 1

2.49 mi / 4.01 km from the hotel
Spanning five floors, all underground, Bunk'Art 1 offers visitors a unique museum experience that blends history and art. Once a former bunker, the museum showcases several exhibitions and art installations covering everything from the arrival of Italian influence in Albania to inter-communication tools used by the Albanian army.


1.12 mi / 1.81 km from the hotel
When looking for high-end fashion boutiques or a buzzing nightlife scene in Tirana, look no further than Blloku, also known as The Block. Today it's a trendy neighborhood, but Blloku was once restricted as the home of Albania's Communist Party leaders, including former Prime Minister Enver Hoxha.

The National Historical Museum

1.39 mi / 2.24 km from the hotel
As Albania's largest museum, The National Historical Museum is a must-visit when in Tirana. Showcasing artifacts and sculptures that date as far back as the beginning of the Bronze Age, it offers visitors a visual guide through Albania's history.