Discover top attractions in Dharamshala

Located on the foothills of the Dhauladhar range of the Himalayas, the resort is very much in the center of Dharamshala. The Dharamshala bus station is located 6 kilometers from the hotel, so we recommend driving or taking a taxi to the stand, which takes approximately 20 minutes. For the active traveler, there are a variety of treks available across the region, however more locally, there is a selection of nearby temples and art galleries.

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Norbulingka Institute

1.37 mi / 2.21 km from the hotel
Visit the Norbulingka Institute to learn from a community of Tibetan artists and craftspeople with ancestral knowledge. You are invited to explore the beautiful campus and shops to witness the splendor of Tibetan art, with examples of wood carving, painting, and weaving on show.

Library of Tibetan Works and Archives

1.41 mi / 2.27 km from the hotel
Founded in 1970 by the Dalai Lama to protect ancient Tibetan manuscripts and artifacts, the library is now a world-renowned campus for Buddhist and Tibetan studies as well as the home of the National Museum of Tibet.

Aghanjar Mahadev Temple

1.66 mi / 2.67 km from the hotel
In the foothills of the Dhauladhar mountain range stands Aghanjar Mahadev, a 500-year-old temple dedicated to Shiva. Outside the temple, you can take in the lovely waterfall and mountain forest of this peaceful area.

War Memorial Museum

1.74 mi / 2.79 km from the hotel
Located in the forests of Dharamshala, this elegant war memorial honors the memory of soldiers who died fighting for India during the 20th century. There are layered gardens inside, as well as a cafe to soak up the atmosphere.

Kangra Art Museum, Kotwali Bazaar

1.55 mi / 2.5 km from the hotel
The Kangra Art Museum celebrates the best of Kangra and Tibetan culture, with a wide display of artifacts. The miniature paintings, commissioned during the Katoch dynasty, really demonstrate the artisan legacy of the region.

St John’s Church

2.5 mi / 4.03 km from the hotel
St. John’s Church initially appears austere, due to its neo-Gothic architecture. Appearances can be deceiving though as the church has a beautiful stained-glass window and a verdant, hilly churchyard.

McLeod Ganj

2.4 mi / 3.87 km from the hotel
McLeod Ganj is known as Little Lhasa because of its Tibetan influence. As well as churches and waterfalls, this area is most known for being home to the Dalai Lama’s Temple.

Bhagsunag Temple & Waterfall

2.33 mi / 3.75 km from the hotel
The Temple is a beautifully decorated holy shrine that displays a variety of Indian deities. Equally popular is the Bhagsunag Waterfall which takes 15 minutes to climb and delivers a picture-perfect moment.

Gyuto Monastery

2.33 mi / 3.74 km from the hotel
A very hallowed sacred site for Tibetans, this monastery offers visitors a great understanding of the complicated history of Tibet. We recommend visiting early to witness the welcoming monks at prayer.