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The Great Kabab Factory

Radisson Blu Marina Hotel Connaught Place - The Great Kabab Factory
Our signature restaurant specializes in serving meals that are both aesthetically pleasing and undeniably delicious, from juicy skewered meats to mouthwatering vegetables. Inspired by traditional and contemporary Indian recipes, we prepare tasty meals in one of seven different cooking styles: roasted on a tandoor or a sigri, shallow-fried in a tawa or a mahi tawa, deep-fried in a kadhai, steamed in pots, or grilled on a stone.


Radisson Blu Marina Hotel Connaught Place - Fifty Coffee Shop
While variety may be the spice of life, it’s also the secret behind the extensive selection of innovative international meals served every day at Fifty9. Order refreshing breakfast lassis, towering club sandwiches, pan-grilled Norwegian salmon, and regional favorites like paneer makhanwala. Fifty9 offers something for every palate in a refined, inviting atmosphere.

The Connaught

Radisson Blu Marina Hotel Connaught Place - The Connaught Bar
The perfect spot to sit and sip all evening long, The Connaught is a whiskey lover’s dream. Sample from our expansive selection of whiskeys, or order a creative cocktail, a glass of premium wine, or a cold beer. Our stylish, modern bar also features a menu of small plates to accompany your beverage.

Room service

America's Website Photography - Breakfast with Cereal and Croissants
Whether you’re working around the clock or simply looking to relax with a meal in your room, our 24-hour room service adds convenience to your stay. A full menu of snacks and meals is available, as are beverages, spirits, and rare-vintage wines.

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24 hours | Daily