Madagascar’s lively capital will charm you with historical and natural wonders

Be enchanted by Antananarivo’s colorful streets, parks, lakes, and Malagasy architecture. Discover the rich cultural history of Madagascar’s capital and visit the baroque Andafiavaratra Palace, Immaculate Conception Cathedral, or the UNESCO world heritage site, Royal Hill of Ambohimanga. If you want to experience some of Madagascar’s iconic wildlife, don’t miss out on a visit to Lemurs’ Park.

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Queen’s Palace

2.37 mi / 3.81 km from the hotel
See the palace fit for Madagascan royalty. The ornate stone façade was originally a wooden structure before Queen Ranavalona II requested the change to reflect the Kingdom’s grandeur. Enjoy a guided tour of the wider royal palace complex.

Andafiavaratra Palace

2.18 mi / 3.51 km from the hotel
Andafiavaratra Palace is perched atop Antananarivo’s highest hill. An arresting sight, the palace fuses Neo-classical and Victorian architecture. Inside, visitors can see more than 1,000 historical objects recovered from the Queen’s Palace.

Immaculate Conception Cathedral

1.96 mi / 3.15 km from the hotel
Perhaps the best example of the country’s French legacy, the Gothic façade might remind you of some of the most renowned French cathedrals. In fantastic condition, as is the cobbled square outside, this ornate spot is well worth a visit.

Royal Hill of Ambohimanga

9.25 mi / 14.88 km from the hotel
UNESCO-listed, Ambohimanga refers to the Hautes Terres Centrales civilization which flourished during the 15th – 19th centuries. A sacred spot, this site shows off the spiritual history of the island, with fascinating archaeological discoveries.

Lemurs’ Park

11.71 mi / 18.85 km from the hotel
Get to know Madagascar’s unofficial symbol, the lemur. This secluded nature reserve is 25 kilometers outside of Antananarivo, the perfect place for these curious creatures to thrive and be protected. Lemurs’ Park is home to over 7 different species of lemurs, don’t miss out!.