Explore Izhevsk city center from our hotel's prime site near cultural attractions

As both the political capital of the Udmurt Republic and the cultural capital of the Volga region, Izhevsk is steeped in rich tradition and is home to an array of museums, architectural gems and other places to explore. Our Izhevsk city center hotel sits amongst these attractions. Military and armory enthusiasts love visiting the Kalashnikov Museum, dedicated to General Mikhail Kalashnikov and his greatest invention — the AK-47 assault rifle. Tour the manicured grounds of the Presidential Palace, and admire the rising spires of the stunning St. Michael's Cathedral. For the truest glimpse into Izhevsk's culture, visit the popular State Circus, which hosts an annual circus festival featuring performers from around the world. Check more details on our suggestions below.

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M.T. Kalashnikov Museum and Exhibition Small Arms Complex

0,11 mi / 0,18 km from the hotel
Learn all about weapons at a museum named after a famous Russian arms designer. This museum celebrates Izhevsk's key role in the country's arms production.
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National Museum of Udmurt Republic

0,32 mi / 0,52 km from the hotel
Delve into the intriguing history of Udmurtia and its indigenous people at this informative landmark in Izhevsk.
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St. Michael Cathedral

0,19 mi / 0,31 km from the hotel
Visit the gleaming, golden-domed cathedral that has been rebuilt to reflect its original glorious design after being demolished by the Soviets.
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