Discover Bern city from our stylish hotel

prizeotel Bern-City enjoys a convenient location in the heart of Bern. Explore the historic old town and experience wonderful architecture and historic points of interest, just a moment's walk away from our hotel. Within the immediate vicinity of our hotel is the beautiful rose garden, perfect for a stroll in the sun. Visit Berner Münster and admire the architecture or take a trip to Bundeshaus, a historic building popular with tourists.

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Bern's Old City

0.42 mi / 0.68 km from the hotel
Discover Bern's iconic Old City, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Explore the old streets and take a trip back in time with fabulous architecture to enjoy. Enjoy a coffee in a local café or treat yourself to a delicious dinner.

Bundesplatz Bern

0.76 mi / 1.22 km from the hotel
You will find Bundesplatz Bern in the old town of Bern, the medieval center. Discover wonderful architecture from the government building, perfect for taking photographs to share with friends and family.

Museum of Fine Arts Bern

0.69 mi / 1.11 km from the hotel
Visit the Museum of Fine Arts Bern and discover works of art by many famous artists such as Paul Klee and Pablo Picasso. This charming art museum is the perfect day out for people looking to absorb the culture of Bern.

Berner Münster

0.51 mi / 0.82 km from the hotel
Berner Münster is located in the old town of Bern along with many other historical points of interest. Visit Switzerland's tallest Cathedral and admire the architecture or take part in a service.


0.58 mi / 0.94 km from the hotel
Zytglogge is an iconic medieval tower in Bern's old town district. Visit this historic building dating back to the 13th century and take a trip back in time. A great day out for people of all ages.


0.78 mi / 1.25 km from the hotel
Visit the iconic Bundeshaus and enjoy the beautiful architecture in the heart of Bern. The Bundeshaus houses government departments and a library for visitors to visit and enjoy.