The world’s ultimate WOW! extravaganza: 173 unforgettable days to excite, delight and ignite a vital spark of change to save our planet.

Enjoy spectacular 2020 vision

Expo 2020 Dubai is simply The Greatest Show on Earth! This vast global exhibition – launching this October in the UAE - celebrates the heights of human creativity and achievement. Its 192 national Pavilions will attract around 25 million visitors from all over the world. Offering them a unique chance to connect and share the very best in art, culture, food, fun, science, technology and innovation - plus brilliant new ideas that will reshape the way we live. All based on the theme of Connecting Minds, Creating The Future... 

And to help everyone get the maximum out of the whole amazing Expo 2020 Dubai experience, Radisson Hotels have picked up on one of the shows major sub-themes: Opportunity! They’re offering visitors the chance to enjoy some truly world class deals with a brilliant range of packages and offers for stays at their hotels and resorts throughout the UAE.

Connecting minds, creating the future

Radisson Hotels – Opportunity Pavilion


Sub theme
Opportunity focuses on unlocking the potential in all people and communities to shape the future for the better. Futuristic gameplaying in the Opportunity Pavilion is designed to inspire, transforming visitors into agents of change for the good.
Radisson Hotels - Dubai Expo 2020


Sub theme
Mobility looks at how to create smarter, more productive movement of people, goods and ideas – both physically and virtually. Journey through the history of movement to the AI of the future in the Mobility Pavilion. And be served by a drone waiter!
Radisson Hotels - Dubai Expo 2020


Sub theme
Sustainability is all about is respecting - and living in balance with - Planet Earth. Real life solutions to real world problems are presented in The Sustainability Pavilion, inspiring visitors to help speed up the pace of protecting the planet.

Around the world in 192 national pavilions: a dazzling showcase of today - and tomorrow

Radisson Hotels - Dubai Expo 2020

China: Symbolising hope and a bright tomorrow

Features: Chinese innovation; dazzling light shows; 5G, AI and smart travel. China’s pavilion mixes a Chinese core with western influences to showcase the nation’s rich culture and history. Brought alive by new technology.
Radisson Hotels – Germany pavilion

Germany: An environmental trailblazer

Features: German food; a cultural stage and a grande finale with swinging seats. Germany’s pavilion promotes collaboration through creative environmental ideas – and their outcomes. With hi-tech connected devices for visitors.
Radisson Hotels - Russia pavilion

Russia: Experience future possibilities

Features: A chance to see inside yourself; stunning night views and modern Russian cuisine. Russia’s Pavilion explores what future minds will be able to achieve, plus how people and minds will connect without physical movement.
Radisson Hotels –  UAE Pavilion

UAE: Iconic design, inspirational messages

Features: Four storeys; top floor hospitality space and Emirati culture exhibitions. The UAE Pavilion - shaped like a flying falcon - looks at the nation’s history as a connected global hub. And at its progressive future vision...
Radisson Hotels – United Kingdom pavilion

UK: Innovating for a shared future

Features: a continuously changing poem on the outside, created by AI and visitors. The UK Pavilion gazes into the future, exploring everything from conversations with aliens, to AI - and the commercialisation of space.

EXPO 2020 Dubai: making history from 20 October 2020 – 10 April 2021

Radisson Hotels - Dubai Expo 2020

A world of new possibilities for tomorrow

Bringing the world together at the Greatest Show On Earth to collaborate for a better, brighter future. With some impressive numbers: 173 days; 192 pavilions; 7 days a week; 15 hours of daily entertainment; 60 live shows every day; 200 eating outlets; 25 million visitors and $10.1 billion of capital invested by Dubai! One entry ticket buys you a lifetime of memories...

Expo 2020 Dubai: it’s all about the base

This biggest-ever event in Arabia also offers visitors a great chance to explore all the razzle dazzle of Dubai city – with its brilliant choice of stylish Radisson Blu hotels.

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Press the RED button to connect...

The whole EXPO extravaganza is bursting with inspirational ideas and innovations that promote positive collaboration. Stay connected with that vibrant buzz at trendy, techie Radisson RED.

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Explore the world’s best good times

Expo’s main earth saving mission may be serious, but the whole event is designed to be some serious FUN! Keep the happy feeling going: stay at a friendly, modern Park Inn by Radisson Hotel.

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