artand#39;otel amsterdam - 艺术幕布


As distinctive as the name suggests, each art’otel is a true piece of art in its own right.
Artotel Brand - dface

art'otel London Hoxton

Vivid design and subversive pop-art style have made London's D*Face a household name. So, when the time came to select art'otel London Hoxton's Signature Artist, the local legend was a natural choice for a landmark project this close to home. Get ready to explore a multimedia playground of cultural references, colourful characters, and a dose of dystopian desire.
art'otel Zagreb - Otelo OK

art'otel Zagreb

Paying homage to Zagreb-born Boris Bućan, art’otel Zagreb celebrates the artist's creative journey and invites guests to connect with his enduring legacy through our permanent collection on display throughout the hotel. Part of the New Art Practice generation of artists, Bućan's work embodies the mixed-media approach of his era with a colorful, graphic, and bold style. Discover this internationally revered artist (seen in the MoMA and Tate) through art'otel's immersive, one-of-a-kind tribute to his career.
art'otel amsterdam - art

art'otel amsterdam

作为当代知名的荷兰艺术工作室,Atelier Van Lieshout 在全球都享有盛誉,并拥有知名博物馆、艺术收藏家等优秀客户群。其设计主题反映了概念、社交、功能与非功能元素及愿景。Atelier Van Lieshout 最知名的主题是 Course of Lifem,art’otel amsterdam 公共区域和卧室中 120 件艺术品的灵感全数来源于这一主题。漫步穿过酒店,这些艺术作品将为您带来独特的文化体验,众多藏品也趣味盎然。
art'otel London Battersea Power Station - Lifestyle - deal

art'otel London Battersea Power Station

Hayon, both an interior designer and Signature Artist for the hotel, has infused the art'otel London Battersea Power Station with their bold, colorful, and playful aesthetic, which can be seen in the rooms and public areas, including the Art Gallery. Hayon's work merges the boundaries between art, design, and product, and was inspired by the Power Station's history and its future as a central cultural hub in London.
art'otel berlin-mitte - art'otel berlin mitte

art'otel berlin mitte

格奥尔格·巴泽利茨是德国知名现代艺术家,艺术造诣颇高,您可以在 art’otel berlin mitte 静心品味他的作品。art’otel berlin mitte 的独家藏品涵盖了巴泽利茨各个阶段的 300 多件原作,生动的大型画作、庄重的小型木炭画应有尽有。在巴泽利茨的作品中,“Upside Down”(颠倒)主题贯穿始终,酒店也因此汲取了装饰灵感,设立了 Upside Down 酒吧等地点。
artand#39;otel cologne - Bar Lounge View

art'otel cologne

art'otel cologne 的精选艺术家是 SEO,SEO 在创作时,会将画纸撕成条,再固定到画布上。然后,使用丙烯颜料在纸条上创作精细复杂的作品。她的每件画作都包含至少 10000 个纸条,采用超过 791 种颜色。art’otel cologne 酒店内展示了这位知名艺术家的 300 多件原作。SEO 创作风格独特,既有精细的描绘,又有身临其境的观感。品味这类精致细节后,您就会知道她的作品为什么如此优秀。