Dunkirk, France


Dunkirk is much more than just a location for one of the most renowned battles of the 20th century. Instead, the city is a vibrant resort town with many hidden gems waiting to be discovered.

Experience the beauty and sophistication of one of France’s most beloved port cities

Dunkirk translates as church in the dune, so it makes sense to visit St. Eloi’s Church before visiting the magnificent, world-famous Malo-Les-Bains. A leisurely 30-minute walk will transport you to the iconic dunes, made famous during the Second World War. Stroll the promenade and eat and be merry at the food Market – a hotspot for locals.


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4-8 rue Marcel Sailly, Malo-les-Bains 距離 市區 1.14 哩/1.84 公里
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Radisson Blu Grand Hotel & Spa, Malo-les-Bains - Exterior view night
在風景如畫的敦克爾克入住 Radisson Blu Grand Hotel & Spa, Malo-les-Bains,享受風光明媚的海岸風情。
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