General Terms and Conditions - Denmark

1. Validity

The agreement controls the relationship between the customer (the customer) and the hotel. By signing the agreement, both parties accept and are committed to the terms and conditions set forth and specified in the agreement. At the same time, the customer takes on the financial and legal responsibility for all goods and services specified in the contract

2. Booking

Upon booking the event, a specification of the number of participants, room nights, and other goods and services that the hotel shall provide, must be presented. Based on this, the contract offer will include a cost-estimate for the event, as well as terms of payment.

3. Rates

The rates are in DKK and include VAT and applicable service charges.
All rates are binding for both parties. However, the rates are subject to change if unexpected increases in taxes, cost of goods, or other factors outside of the hotel's control should occur.
A reduction of more than 30% of the contracted services may cause the hotel to change the rates specified in the contract.

4. Event details

A rooming list, all special requests and a detailed event program should be submitted to the hotel at least 10 days prior to arrival.

5. Check in and check out

Rooms are available from 4pm on the day of arrival. Checkout is 12am on the day of departure. However, a later check-out can be arranged on an individual basis. There may be an additional charge for this service

6. Indemnity

The hotel accepts no responsibility or liability for any possessions of guests or exhibitors, and recommends that a separate insurance is arranged by the Client. The Client is responsible for any damage caused to the hotel due to the Client’s negligence or the negligence of a participant in the Client’s group.

7. Complaints

Any notice of claim should be presented without delay, preferably prior to departure. The Hotel is entitled to dismiss any claims regarding the event or stay presented later than 1 month from the day of departure. Despite any notice of claim, the customer is not entitled to withhold the payment to the Hotel partially or in full. Undisputed charges must be settled within the day of payment.

8. Force Majeur

The Hotel will be entitled to cancel, suspend or otherwise amend the event booking in whole or in part as a result of force majeure incident, including but not limited to war, riot, fire, natural disaster, strike, acts and advice of government and health authorities and organizations, terrorism, epidemics, pandemics, civil disorder and any other cause beyond its control. The Client accepts such amendments to the event booking, will not be entitled to any form of compensation and will in the event of cancellation reasonably cooperate to reschedule the event. Should the client or the Hotel not be able to go ahead due to guidelines on travel and advice on social distancing from WHO (World Health Organisation) or other similar bodies then the client and/or the Hotel reserves the right to postpone the event to an alternative date of equal or greater value to take place within the next 12 months from the original date of the booking without penalty. If the event has been moved or postponed to new dates from the original contract; the cancellation policy of the contract for the original dates are applicable.

9. Dispute Settlement

The client and the hotel herewith agree that the Danish court of law is the right forum for dispute settlement, and that Danish law governs the settlement of any disputes concerning goods or services sold under the contract.

10. Comission

In cases where commission has been agreed, this does not apply to AV-equipment, extra staffing and overtime costs, VAT, external services etc. Commission will only be paid on actual consumption. Commission due for non-arrival and cancellation charges will get the agreed commission rate.
A commission statement will be sent by the hotel, and Client will invoice the amount to the Hotel.

11. COVID-19 related measures

RHG are committed to delivering a clean and safe environment and have multiple protocols, guidelines and measures in place in this respect, which we update from time to time. We need responsible behavior of everyone in the Hotel. By accepting the terms and conditions, you agree to respect and act in accordance with laws, regulations and these protocols, guidelines and measures. This includes you ensure that the maximum number of delegate and social distance as per government regulation or recommendation for date the event is taking place.

12. Liability

Radisson does not accept any direct or consequential risks or liability in relation to COVID- 19, specifically in relation to the products or services of the third party supplier of COVID- 19 speed tests. Client indemnifies Radisson against any claim in this regards of guests that visit the hotel as part of the Client´s reservation.
The booking cannot be fully or partially cancelled or amended if due to a positive or delayed result (i.e. the result is not (yet) received) of a test a guest will not or cannot attend / participate / use hotel services.

Cancellation & Reduction


Any changes in bookings and cancellations must be notified to the hotel in writing.
If the Client wants to reduce the contracted services with more than 30%, the Hotel is entitled to change the rates specified in the contract.
After the first date (Max. number of days prior to arrival), in the schedule below has passed, a maximum of 50% of the event booked on this date can be cancelled/reduced without charge.

Cancellation & Reduction

If the Client cancels the event, dependent on the number of delegates and date of cancellation, a cancellation fee of up to the full payment that would otherwise have been charged in accordance with the contract will be charged. The cancellation fee is, however, reduced dependent on the date of cancellation and the number of delegates in accordance with the table below illustrating the deduction in the cancellation fee.

Deadlines before the planned event begins or planned arrival (in days before contracted arrival) HOTEL ACCOMMODATION/DELEGATES Percentage range that can be cancelled free of charge
1 - 15 16 - 50 51 - 100 101 - 249 250+
Up to 1 1 room or delegate 2 rooms or delegates 2 rooms or delegates 2 rooms or delegates 2 rooms or delegates
Up to 3 10% 10% 5% 0% 0%
Up to 7 50% 25% 10% 0% 0%
Up to 14 100% 50% 25% 5% 5%
Up to 28 - 100% 50% 10% 10%
Up to 60 - - 100% 25% 25%
Up to 90 - - - 50% 50%
Up to 120 - - - 100% -
Up to 180 - - - - 100%


The Client has a meeting for 12 delegates and the Client notifies the Hotel that they need to cancel the event 32 days before the first date on the contract. Above schedules shows that for an event of this size and that number of days in advance, this can be done free of charge. All reductions are based on the latest confirmed value. In the event of cancellations in the excess of the above terms, the hotel is entitled to get full payment for the cancelled accommodation rooms, day delegate rates and other pre-ordered products and services. If cancellation of lunch and/or dinner, the lowest priced menu (unless other menus have been ordered) will be base of calculation. If a delegate does not check in on agreed arrival day a no-show will be charged, and remaining nights will be cancelled.

Example 2: 

The Client have an event with 250 delegates and the Client notifies the Hotel that they need to reduce the event with 50%, ending with a total of 125 delegates. This reduction is done between 59 and 30 days prior to the date of arrival on the original contract. The Client is allowed to reduce the event with 10% without paying a reduction fee, why the Client has to pay a reduction fee calculated as the difference between the allowed reduction percentage of the original event and the actual reduced percentage. In this example the Client will be charged a reduction fee of 40% of the original event in addition to paying the price of the remaining event being held..

Third party Suppliers

In relation to the products or services from a third party supplier, cancellation thresholds may vary to and are not subject to the RHG cancellation threshold.

Terms of Payment

The Hotel requires advance payment or banker's guarantee for as much as 100% of the contractual cost-estimate. Moreover, the Hotel reserves the right to do a credit check and perform its own credit evaluation of the customer, prior to signing the contract.

Pre-payment or banker’s guarantee is to be made no later than 10 days prior to the event.

If certain charges are to be paid for by the individual attendees, the customer undertakes to notify such attendees about such individual payment.

If any attendees/participants shall be individually invoiced and pay for accommodation at the Hotel, the customer guarantees payment for any attendee/participant failing to pay such accommodation charges to the Hotel.

The attendees/participants’ consumption which is not covered by the services rendered to customer pursuant to the contract shall be charged to the attendee/participant. Should an attendee/a participant not settle such consumption charges, the customer guarantees such payment in relation to the Hotel.

All invoices must be paid within 8 days from the invoice date. In the event of any late payment, the Client shall pay interest for such unpaid amount to the Hotel of two percent (2%) per month.