Automatic global carbon offsetting

As part of the Radisson Hotel Group, we are proud to automatically offset the carbon footprint of every single meeting and event taking place at our hotel, at no cost to you. In partnership with First Climate, one of the world’s largest carbon offset organizations, and through projects that help reduce emissions and have a positive social impact, we strive for environmental best practices. 

For more information on our program, watch our video about how we turn emissions into impact.


丽笙会议 - 碳中和组织 First Climate

First Climate

我们非常骄傲能与 First Climate 携手合作,后者作为全球规模宏大的碳补偿组织之一,致力于协助企业实现尽可能减少碳足迹的目标。

丽笙会议 - 碳中和联合国可持续发展目标


我们所有的碳补偿项目均符合 VCS 或 Gold Standard,与联合国可持续发展目标一致。可提供相关碳足迹补偿证明。