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Beautiful Vienna offers breathtaking old-world charm. With an abundance of architectural and cultural attractions, the former capital of the Habsburg Empire will not disappoint.

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Explore Vienna's many historic cafés and indulge in delicious pastries. Discover Vienna's imperial grandeur with its royal palaces, contemporary architecture, and masterpiece-filled museums. Also known as the city of music, Vienna has a rich musical heritage offering incredible venues where you can catch live performances and listen to great composers.


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Schlossallee 8 2.88 миль/4.63 км от центр города
Radisson Blu Park Royal Palace Hotel, Vienna - Exterior View
The historic beauty of Vienna awaits right outside our doors along with attractions such as the Museum of Technology, the Palm House greenhouse, and Schönbrunn Zoo.
Tripadvisor Rating 1059 отзыва(-ов)
Herrengasse 12 0.4 миль/0.65 км от центр города
Radisson Blu Style Hotel, Vienna - вид снаружи
Наш отель расположен в историческом центре Вены, недалеко от таких достопримечательностей, как торговый район «Золотой квартал» и величественный Императорский дворец.
Tripadvisor Rating 1254 отзыва(-ов)