Dine your way


Fusion cuisine

Traditional Sushi and Sashimi dishes are adapted and enhanced by Peruvian ingredients grown in the rich soil like corn, potatoes, lime & chili. Like Nikkei, Issei is the fusion of Japanese & Peruvian cultures and their combined energy is evident in all aspects of our restaurant.

Sophisticated environment

Natural Space with Simplistic shapes and harmony reminiscent of a home built from land and sea.

Rich combinations

Offering a relaxed moody atmosphere to share ‘tapas-style´ dishes with Japanese and Peruvian Cocktails, Whisky, Pisco and Sake to pair.

Issei Copenhagen

Indulge in a fusion of Japanese and Peruvian cuisines at Issei Copenhagen. Our unique concept restaurant combines the best of the land and sea, earthy flavors, and spice, giving your taste buds a true treat within a relaxing yet stylish setting.

Issei Tallinn

Here you'll find a blend of Japanese and Peruvian cuisines in addition to panoramic views over Tallinn's medieval Old Town, ISSEI Restaurant&Bar offers Tallinn's highest terrace seating, open during the summer season.