Hietalahti Vintage Market

At Hietalahti market square you'll find a popular (especially in summertime) outdoor flea market. The market is open all year when the weather permits. The Hietalahti Market Hall is situated next to the square.

A proper Finnish welcome

The Hietalahti Flea Market or else called Hietsu, is the most popular in the summertime and attracts thousands of visitors and hundreds of vendors each year starting from April until September. Hietsu is also opened during winter time, especially when the weather allows it. Situated in the Design district at Hietalahti Square, the market is popular for its ceramics, jewelry, and handicrafts. It is recommended that you choose to visit the market in the weekends and be one of the first comers in the morning. Start by checking out the market's many corners and boutiques, be prepared to bargain with the vendors, and if you are in need for a food-break, head to Hietalahti Market Hall and delight yourself with world-class Finnish cuisine.

Pleasurable stroll in an open-air market

The market offers lots of local food choices, a vibrant and lively area with nice souvenir shops. Here you can find a wide variety of attractions with a beautiful harbor view. Delight yourself with fresh Finnish fruits and vegetables, local handcrafts, and try different food stalls offering a variety of fried seafood, sandwiches, burgers, Finnish pastries and coffee, etc. After you are done with the Market Square, you can visit the places around such as the Opera house, Kappeli Restaurant, Uspenski Cathedral, or Senate Square.