Art Collection

Andy Warhol was born in 1928 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He was the youngest child of poor Czechoslovak immigrants. As a child, he suffered from various diseases, so that he wasn’t able to play outside with other children and had to stay in bed. This was the time when he had developed interest in all sorts of art and fell in love with it.
After he studied pictorial design at the Carnegie Institute of Technology in Pittsburgh, he moved to New York, the city of his eternal fascination and inspiration. Warhol earned his living as an advertising photographer for fashion magazines and shop decorators before he became a famous artist.
Andy Warhol was first well-known for his screen prints, for which he used everyday objects like the famous red and white soup cans of tomato Campbell Soup, Coca Cola bottle and hamburgers. One of his famous screen prints are the portraits of Marilyn Monroe, which you can find in our modern and inspiring rooms in art’otel berlin kudamm.
Warhol is known as the first multimedia artist, because he used a various number of techniques like printing, photographing and drafting on silk. He also practised filmmaking, performance art, video installations and writing. His studio, the Factory, a large silver-painted warehouse, was the “go to” place for artists, musicians and actors and became one of the premier cultural places.
Our design hotel has over 250 artworks displayed all over the hotel. Experience original pop art works and signed prints of this pop leading figure while staying at art’otel berlin kudamm and take an art tour offered by our hotel to learn more about Andy Warhol and his pop art.

Restaurant & Bar

Please note our Restaurant & Bar remain closed until further notice

Our by Andy Warhol’s pop art inspired restaurant in Berlin Kudamm will awaken your senses early in the morning. Grab yourself a coffee, fill your plate with fresh food and gain energy for your exciting day in the vivid city of Berlin.
While children up to the age of 12 can enjoy breakfast free of charge, we charge for our breakfast EUR 15,00 per adult.
Opening times
Mon–Fri: 6:30–10:30 am
Sat–Sun: 7–11 am
Reservations are only needed for larger groups of people. Otherwise, you are not obligated to reserve a table in advance. Feel free to enjoy your breakfast, even if it’s not included in your room rate, and let our staff charge it to your room.
Our trendy FACTORY Bar with its sleek interior, inspired by Andy Warhol’s studio and art, is a perfect place for relaxation after a long day. Whether you feel like having a glass of wine or you fancy having delicious and freshly prepared snacks, you are welcome to join us at our modern bar in Germany’s thrilling capital city. Please yourself with fresh meals or have a light bite and enjoy an original cocktail on an elegant stool at the marble bar counter in Berlin Kudamm.
If you prefer to have a quiet corner, you can separate yourself in an armchair placed in front of a fireplace and relax with a book from our art library or just by listening to chilled lounge music.

Spa en fitnessruimte

Revitaliseer uw lichaam en geest in onze sauna met ontspanningsruimte, evenals een 'doucheroute' met verschillende douche-elementen. De sauna kost € 6,00 per persoon per gebruik en is elke dag geopend van 6.00 tot 12.00 uur. Door een bezoek aan onze spa, vermindert u de spanningen en stress van een drukke levensstijl.
Hotelgasten kunnen ook gratis gebruikmaken van ons fitnesscenter, dat de hele dag geopend is. Het fitnesscenter van art'otel berlin kudamm biedt apparatuur voor een complete work-out.
Voor een buitenactiviteit kunt u gaan joggen in een nabijgelegen park. Er bevindt zich tevens een binnenzwembad en een kuuroord op slechts 1 km afstand van ons unieke hotel in Charlottenburg.
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