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Wuxi is known both as the "land of fish and rice" for its abundance of natural resources and as "Little Shanghai" for its prospering economy. Discover one of the most ancient regions in China.

Admire beautiful Lake Taihu in Wuxi; select our hotel today

Experience more than 3,000 years of history in Wuxi. In the south is Lake Taihu, one of China's biggest fresh water lakes, and in the north is the Yangtse River, the longest river in Asia. Relax in the Li Garden, featuring paintings of flowers from each season in the Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter pavilions. Visit Three Kingdoms City, the famous set of a CCTV series, "Romance of Three Kingdoms."


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No. 205 Feifeng Road तक दूरी से 11.27 मील/18.14 किलोमीटर
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Radisson Blu Resort Wetland Park Wuxi - Exterior
Stay with us at the Radisson Blu in Wuxi and enjoy a serene location away from the bustle of the city but within easy reach of the WUX airport. You can enjoy tranquil garden views in addition to free Wi-Fi, an indoor pool, and on-site dining.
Tripadvisor Rating 4.5

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No.69 Middle Dongting Road, Xishan District तक दूरी से 7.99 मील/12.85 किलोमीटर
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Radisson Collection Hotel, Wuxi - Exterior night view
Welcome to the Exceptional
Stay at the elegant Radisson Collection Hotel, Wuxi in the bustling Xishan District. Discover exceptional comfort and the perfect combination of relaxation and vibrant city living.
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