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Make every booking count

Learn more about how to earn points as a travel agent member

How to earn

As a travel agent member of Radisson Rewards for Business, you can earn points every time you book a hotel room. In fact, you can earn 10 points per US dollar spent on eligible bookings! Once you have earned your points, you can redeem them for the same rewards offered to all Radisson Rewards members like Award Nights, airline miles, and more. 

Are you booking a hotel stay at one of our hotels in Europe, the Middle East, Africa or Asia Pacific?

Book either right here on our website or in the GDS to earn points. If you book on our website, make sure you log in before making a booking and enter your IATA number on the Special Rates tab. If you book via GDS just make sure to enter the Master Chain Code “CW” and your Radisson Rewards for Business 16-digit member number in the SI field of the GDS to earn points for the booking. 


Don't forget – your travelers can earn points too! Make sure to also enter their Radisson Rewards member number into the booking. If your traveler is not a member yet encourage them to join to take advantage of the great rewards offered by Radisson Rewards.