Meeting technology

Designed and built to provide maximum flexibility, our high-tech solutions are an integral part of the Stockholm Waterfront Congress Center experience. This means that our 14,000 square meters of floor space can be easily converted in a multitude of ways to suit the needs of any event imaginable.

The building is an architectural masterpiece — dominated by steel, glass and several types of specially formulated types of concrete. The inside is no less complex. Walls, ceilings and even our stage can be moved, sectioned off or raised. Apart from the modularized floor space, state-of-the-art solutions in terms of lighting, communications and audiovisual are built into the facility.

The building also has a highly specialized energy system — making the venue greener than green. The system is modeled on the complex but highly effective solutions found in the processing industry. All heating and cooling are controlled by advanced data systems that are set to calculate how much energy is needed to operate cooling compressors and how much energy will be required by the facility in the coming hours, and so on.

Free internet

Whenever you attend a meeting or check-in to the Radisson Blu Waterfront Hotel, we offer free internet with a minimum standard of 1 GB. With our easy-to-follow instructions, you can log on on to your corporate network, access email, download music, shop, do whatever it is you like to do online, and do it for free! Please be aware that dial-up, modem, and other forms of analogue internet connections that require telephone lines will be charged a fee.
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Audiovisual equipment

We provide state-of-the-art equipment for all kinds of meetings, from very small meetings to conferences with several thousand participants.
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