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Sports programs

Discover our sports-approved programs and properties

Bespoke services for sports teams and athletes

Committed to providing sports teams and athletes with all the services, facilities, and little extras to make their stay as restorative as possible, our sports-approved hotel programs are designed to meet the highest requirements.

Explore worldwide properties that have received the training and certification to effectively host sports teams and the enhanced services that they offer. Whether professional sports teams, collegiate sports, high school sports, or youth athletes, our hotels and resorts cater to all ages and levels.

Outfitted with modern fitness centers, spas, private rooms for physio treatments, and meeting rooms, our properties also offer bespoke meals for specific dietary requirements.

Sports-approved service standards

Radisson Meetings - RDBLU Hamburg Airport May

Working to maintain their sports-approved status, our hotels and resorts have a proven track record of working with sports groups and providing a consistent service standard. Our sports-approved offering includes:

- Team breakfast options*
- Free Wi-Fi
- Special recognition upon arrival
- Special recognition for coach or team manager
- Group pre-keyed and rooms pre-blocked
- Complimentary meeting space for team meeting*
- Directions to fields, sports complex
- Discounts at hotel restaurant*
- Internal “Sports Group Resume” prepared and shared with staff
- Guaranteed commission and rebate within 45 days—applicable to Housing Agencies only

*Based upon availability. Services may vary by hotel.