Taste our breakfast in Tashkent at Brasserie Restaurant

Our on-site Brasserie Restaurant invites hotels guests for fine dining in the heart of Tashkent business district. Its classic, timeless interior, with calm live music playing in the morning during breakfast, is the perfect spot to start your day in the city. The decor is in red and gold hues, with in-door seating available for 50 people, and outdoor seating available for eight people in the summer season. 

The restaurant has large windows overlooking one of the central streets in Tashkent, giving the guests in the restaurant a chance to enjoy a local view while having their meal.

Brasserie Restaurant

Radisson Blu Hotel, Tashkent - Cafe Europa Lounge Table

A sumptuous breakfast buffet

The breakfast buffet at Brasserie Restaurant serves a fantastic variety of dishes. Find a cold meat and cheese station with local and imported products, and a hot station offering samosas, cheese balls, fried beef, and grilled vegetables. The bread and pastry station offers warm bread rolls, danish pastries, croissants, and muffins cooked daily in-house. If you prefer healthier options, we have a station with assorted salads, a diet corner, and a healthy corner with dry fruits, nuts, and seeds.

The buffet is self-service, while tea and coffee service are provided by our servers. However, guests can find an orange juice squeezer and prepare fresh orange juice themselves. As well, guests can enjoy making a cocktail at our Morning Mary station from tomato juice, Worcestershire sauce, tabasco, lemon, and kale.

The breakfast menu varies depending on the season to ensure fresh local ingredients are used in every meal.

Opening hours

  • 6:30–11:00 am | Breakfast, daily