Explore the city’s history and more Panama City, Panama activities 

From centuries-old cathedrals to modern skyscrapers, Panama City offers plenty to see, and the convenient downtown location of our Radisson hotel makes it easy to visit top attractions and enjoy fun activities. The Panama Canal, sometimes called the Eighth Wonder of the World for its ingenious engineering, is just minutes from the hotel, and the historic quarter of the city is also nearby. If you’re looking for more modern entertainment near our hotel rooms, take the suspended glass walkway that connects to the four-story Multicentro Shopping Mall and the 4,000-square-meter (43,055-square-foot) Majestic Casino.

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Summit Botanical Gardens and Zoo

10.64 mi / 17.12 km from the hotel
Admire the regal harpy eagle, Panama's national bird, at this wildlife rescue center, which is also home to jaguars and tapirs.

Multicentro Shopping Mall

0.3 mi / 0.48 km from the hotel
Cross the glass walkway to this shopping destination that includes four floors of shops, ample parking, a world-class casino, a movie theater, and restaurants such as Hard Rock Café.

Panama Canal Museum

2.13 mi / 3.43 km from the hotel
As one of the greatest feats of engineering in history, the building of the Panama Canal has a storied past that is chronicled at the Panama Canal Museum. Call ahead to arrange guided tours in English.

Panama Viejo and Casco Viejo

2.11 mi / 3.39 km from the hotel
Discover the ruins of Panama City's original settlement, built in 1519 and burned down by pirate Henry Morgan in 1671. Then wander the streets of Casco Viejo, Panama City's historic quarter, to see 17th-century buildings.

Panama Canal

5.25 mi / 8.45 km from the hotel
This marvel of modern engineering connects the Atlantic and Pacific oceans and is instrumental in global trade. Come see the locks in action, or visit the Miraflores Visitors Center to learn about how it was built.

Metropolitan Natural Park

2.29 mi / 3.69 km from the hotel
Wander through this urban oasis to see native animals like titi monkeys, green iguanas, and macaws.