A place where your wellness is nurtured harmoniously with your inner self

At R3 Spa, rejuvenating spa therapy, serene ambiance, and our personalized approach to well-being come together to create an elevated experience of relaxation and renewal. Our indulgent bodyworks implement pleasant aromas, visual delights, soft hues, and massage therapy. Each journey is a tailor-made experience that begins with an individual consultation which includes customization based on your needs as well as recommendations for add-on services. Indulge in scrubs, wraps, and facials to take your relaxation to the next level, and ensure that your session ends with a completely revived state of being. Our facility includes spacious spa suites, private showers, and a relaxation area where you can soak in sheer bliss as you sip your refreshing herbal drink.

Opening hours

  • Spa Daily 10:00 am - 8:00 pm


Transcendental Spa Experiences

Our transcendental spa experiences heal, renew, and revive. The R3 Spa is an urban wellness haven that inspires lifestyle balance, so you can leave feeling like the best version of yourself.

Therapeutic Wellness

Your experience with wellness starts as soon as you step into this beautiful oasis. Our wellness treatments are artfully infused with local culture and aromas.

Signature Therapies

Designed to release stress and stiffness from the body, treat yourself to one of our signature treatments and experience a deep state of relaxation, tranquility, and leave with a blissful glow.