Enjoy the vibrant dining, bustling shopping, and local history of Accra

Discover Ghana through the capital city of Accra during your stay at Earl Heights Suites Hotel. Accra’s cosmopolitan atmosphere is brimming with shopping malls, tourist attractions, creative arts, and leisure activities. Learn more about the country’s rich history at the museums and memorial sites or take a stroll around the botanical gardens and local markets. For a more adventurous experience, enjoy a day trip to the Shai Hills Nature Reserve and spot all kinds of wondrous animals and wildlife.

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National Museum of Ghana

3.84 mi / 6.19 km from the hotel
The National Museum of Ghana was opened on the eve of Ghana’s national independence in 1957. The museum is a must-see for travelers who want to familiarize themselves with Ghana’s rich history and culture. Permanent exhibitions include an ethnography gallery that features indigenous Ghanaian textiles and instruments.

Kwame Nkrumah Memorial Park

4.91 mi / 7.9 km from the hotel
Dedicated to Ghana’s first president, Kwame Nkrumah, this memorial park is home to artifacts from the country’s quest for independence. The impressive mausoleum located in the center of the park is surrounded by water to symbolize life. Visitors can also take a tour that recounts the journey to independence.

Independence Square

4.65 mi / 7.49 km from the hotel
Independence square is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Accra. Acting as a reminder of Ghana’s inspiring past, the square is often the host of many national parades as well as the country’s annual Independence Day celebrations.

W.E.B DuBois Center

2.85 mi / 4.59 km from the hotel
Named after the late W.E.B DuBois who was a leading African American intellectual, who worked most prominently in the field of Pan-Africanism in the 20th century. The center has a library, museum, and open-air theater where cultural events are often held.

Ussher Fort Museum

5.39 mi / 8.67 km from the hotel
Ussher Fort is one of three European forts in Accra which date back to the 17th century. Within the fort, there is a museum that aims to highlight Ghana’s history, dating back to British rule of the country, and the consequent quest for independence.

James Town Lighthouse

5.8 mi / 9.34 km from the hotel
Take a trip to the top of James Town Lighthouse and admire the panoramic views of Accra’s bustling, colorful fishing harbor. The surrounding neighborhoods are some of the oldest in the city and feature vibrant local markets which are well worth a visit.

Aburi Botanical Gardens

16.36 mi / 26.34 km from the hotel
Escape the city and head to the cool and peaceful Aburi Botanical Gardens. Apart from learning about the wide array of local medicinal plants and wildlife including butterflies and birds, visitors can also rent bicycles and go on guided trails of the peaceful mountain area.

Arts Center Accra

3.59 mi / 5.78 km from the hotel
Better known as the Center for National Culture in Accra, this creative hub has an art gallery selling a wide variety of traditional African artwork, and a range of shops and stalls that offer fashion accessories, traditional woven cloths, jewelry, and much more.

Shai Hills Nature Reserve

28.2 mi / 45.38 km from the hotel
Located in the north of Accra, visitors can explore the savannah-covered plains of Shai Hills Nature Reserve. Get there early to catch the best chance of seeing the monkeys and antelopes, as well as lots more incredible animals and wildlife.