Explore top attractions and find things to do in Guayaquil

Wander along cobblestone streets in Las Peñas, see sweeping city views from Santa Ana Hill, or enjoy the nightlife in Plaza Lagos Town Center. When you make Radisson Hotel Guayaquil your home base, you have easy access to plenty of exciting things to do. Pack a tote with sunglasses, a novel, and sunscreen for a beach day at Playas, roughly an hour away. The city is also a gateway to the Galapagos Islands, so take the hotel’s free shuttle to the GYE airport when you’re ready to catch your flight. Just looking to kill some time between meetings? Browse the stores at Policentro Mall or San Marino Shopping center, both located a few blocks away.

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El Faro de Guayaquil

1,88 mi / 3,03 km from the hotel
Climb the 500 steps to the top of the Guayaquil Lighthouse and step onto the terrace for amazing 360-degree views of the city.

Las Peñas

1,91 mi / 3,08 km from the hotel
Dating from the 17th century, this historic neighborhood features cobblestone streets, cafés, and pastel-painted houses on the hillside overlooking the Río Guayas.

Malecón 2000

2,02 mi / 3,26 km from the hotel
This bustling boardwalk is dotted with small food stands, gardens, and monuments along the Río Guayas. Take a leisurely stroll to see ships, bask in the sunshine, or ride La Perla, a large Ferris wheel with air-conditioned enclosed cars.

Policentro Mall

0,29 mi / 0,46 km from the hotel
Find something special to take home with you at this shopping mall that offers everything from jewelry to home goods.

San Marino Shopping

0,42 mi / 0,67 km from the hotel
Add to your wardrobe, stop for dinner, or see a show at this shopping center, one of the most visited complexes in the city.

Santa Ana Hill

1,84 mi / 2,96 km from the hotel
Put on a comfortable pair of shoes for the trek up to the tourist center at the summit of Santa Ana Hill. Your upward journey will take you past cafés, art galleries, restaurants, and tiny plazas.

Simón Bolívar Convention Center

1,53 mi / 2,46 km from the hotel
One of the largest event spaces in Ecuador, this 25,000-square-meter venue hosts a variety of fairs, concerts, and conferences. The complex is conveniently located near shopping centers, hospitals, and tourist sites.

Historic Park

3,01 mi / 4,85 km from the hotel
Learn more about Guayaquil at this eight-hectare theme park that recreates the past through architecture, traditions, and landscapes.

Plaza Lagos Town Center

5,64 mi / 9,07 km from the hotel
For a great night out, start at Plaza Lagos Town Center, a riverside hub of upscale restaurants, wine bars, and outdoor cafés set amid palm trees and fountains.