Discover festivals and coastline from our hotel in Klaipeda

Guests enjoy easy access to festivals, cultural events and World Heritage sites from our hotel. You can admire German Fachwerk architecture while wandering the streets of Old Town or take a boat ride off the Curonian Spit. During the night enjoy a wonderful classical music concert at the Klaipeda Concert Hall, located right by our hotel. Check out more of our suggestions for nearby attractions below.

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Cruise Ship Terminal

0.8 mi / 1.29 km from the hotel
Join a relaxing cruise around the Baltic Sea, or enjoy the city's celebration when a cruise ship arrives, including an orchestra march and dance performances.
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Klaipeda Concert Hall

0.05 mi / 0.08 km from the hotel
Hear classical music performed live by the city's Chamber Orchestra or Brass Quintet inside the concert hall, or outdoors in its garden during the summer.
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Klaipeda Drama Theatre

0.58 mi / 0.93 km from the hotel
Experience the city's cultural offerings, including theater and opera, in this neoclassical theater which hosts performances subtitled in various languages.
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