The Ultimate Gastronomic Illusion

Urzza is a place where you can sit down, relax, and enjoy a wide range of innovative cocktails, local and international beers, and wines from around the world. Prepare yourself for a unique, a la carte dining experience with Urzza’s path-breaking menu of tastes from India and around the world.

Urzza Lounge Bar

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Urzza showcases inventive international cuisine by complementing the flavors and traditions of India with global ingredients and techniques. Our chefs have designed Urzza’s path-breaking menu combining fresh seasonal produce and unusual ingredients from across the world to excite the adventurous yet satisfy traditional tastes and evoke nostalgia.

Opening hours

  • 11am-11pm | Daily

Mixology masterpieces

Cocktail-making is a very special kind of art, involving creativity, ingenuity, and precision. Whether it's based on whisky, gin, vodka, or champagne, every drink served at Urzza offers its own kind of flavor, and the tipples we churn out are going to make your night a whole lot livelier!