Treat your sweet tooth at Just Baked

Welcome to Bhopal’s much-needed bakery and delicatessen at Radisson Bhopal! Located on the same floor as the lobby, Just Baked is open all day and serves all kinds of baked goods, gateaux, traditional quiches, sweet and savory pies, chocolate, and patisseries to satisfy a sweet tooth. The bakery also offers a perfect spot for a refreshing drink and snack with friends, an informal business meeting, or just for chilling in the lounge area.

Just Baked

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Just Baked boasts some of the best Western desserts in town, with an exclusive new range of West-Asian pastries, artisan breads, patties, and gluten free, sugar free healthy offerings to compliment the "sweet sensations" from Europe.

Opening hours

  • 10:30am-11pm | Daily