The Terrace Grill

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Ornate interiors, contemporary curios, and breathtaking décor create this premier Faridabad restaurant's elegant, open-air feel. What makes The Terrace Grill truly special is the view—all-weather tables and chairs allow guests to gaze at the city's twinkling lights while the infinite-water pool flows over the edge. The ambiance is casual, relaxed, and comfortable in the early evening, encouraging gathering, conversation, great music, and the opportunity to “chill” Indian style.

The food at the Terrace Grill is Indian, taking full advantage of the open-air atmosphere and the large charcoal grill. Guests have the option to order from the menu or select from the display on hand. Appetizers are designed for sharing as finger food. The signature appetizer is a selection of small skewers of chicken, paneer, fresh fish kebabs, and Tandoor-sizzling Jheenga along with mouthwatering curries and Indian bread. Guests can interact with the experience by watching over their individual tabletop grills. The primary focus of the beverage service is on unique cocktail preparation with Indian twists as well as table service. The restaurant also offers a select range of liqueurs, wines, exotic cocktails, and spirits.

Knowledgeable and confident about both menu offerings and cocktail preparations, our servers exude a professionalism that complements the restaurant's relaxed, yet slightly edgy atmosphere. Our team has a planned service approach that dovetails seamlessly with the concept—Terrace Grill.

Opening hours

  • 7:30–11:30 pm | Dinner, daily

  • 12:30–3 pm | Lunch, Sundays and national holidays, October–March