Explore the city center of Novgorod from our conveniently located hotel

Within easy reach of Novgorod and its city center attractions, the hotel's home is nestled in a verdant park area on the Volkhov River. Explore the city's historical section and other interesting sights, like Anthony's Monastery and Sofia Square, the city's center. The Alexander Nevsky promenade provides the perfect place for a stroll to the Novgorod Kremlin. Don't miss the opportunity for outdoor excursions, like a boat trip on the Volkhov and nearby Lake Il'men. Find more suggestions on what to see around below.

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Novgorod Kremlin

1.22 mi / 1.97 km from the hotel
Walk through lovely parkland to reach one of Russia's oldest kremlins, dating back to the 9th century and rebuilt in the 14th century. Book a guide to know more about this historic monument.
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St. Sophia Cathedral

1.15 mi / 1.85 km from the hotel
Learn how ''Our Lady of the Sign'' miraculously saved the city from destruction in 1170: visit Russia's oldest church with its glowing golden dome and icons.
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Lake Ilmen

9.02 mi / 14.52 km from the hotel
Explore the beautiful lake, take a trip on the river starting here, explore the nearby historic attractions, or just take a swim if you happen to visit in summer.
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