Explore the top things to do in Marquette

When you stay in a room or suite at the Country Inn & Suites, Marquette, MI, you can explore the area's best things to do in just minutes. Whether you’re headed to the shores of Lake Superior or the slopes of Marquette Mountain, the Upper Peninsula is known for its outdoor adventures. Nearby Presque Isle Park attracts visitors year-round to enjoy its water views and wildlife, and the Noquemanon Trail Network offers an array of trails for leisure, road, mountain, and fat-tire biking. If you're looking for indoor activities, take your kids to the Upper Peninsula Children's Museum or cheer on the Wildcats at Northern Michigan University.

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Lake Superior

2.49 mi / 4.01 km from the hotel
Touching parts of Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Ontario, this massive freshwater lake is a marvel to behold. Walk along its extensive shoreline, or grab a fishing pole and see what's biting.

Marquette Golf Club

1.22 mi / 1.97 km from the hotel
This semi-private golf club boasts two beautiful courses: Greywalls Course and Heritage Course.

Marquette Maritime Museum

2.99 mi / 4.81 km from the hotel
Stop by the Marquette Maritime Museum for summer tours of the grounds and the historic lighthouse. The museum also includes detailed accounts of infamous shipwrecks that happened nearby.

Marquette Mountain

3.04 mi / 4.88 km from the hotel
Grab your skis or snowboard and make your way down 15 runs of varying difficulty. If you've never been on skis before, sign up for lessons and learn from experienced instructors at this popular winter sports destination.

Marquette Regional History Center

2.31 mi / 3.72 km from the hotel
Uncover the Upper Peninsula's history through rotating displays and a permanent collection, which includes prehistoric artifacts and personal items donated by area residents.

Noquemanon Trail Network

2.79 mi / 4.49 km from the hotel
This interconnected trail system spreads throughout the Upper Peninsula and offers opportunities to hike, bike, ski, and skijor throughout the year.

Northern Michigan University

2.02 mi / 3.25 km from the hotel
Tour the beautiful 360-acre campus of Northern Michigan University, home of the Wildcats. NMU has received numerous awards for seamlessly integrating technology into its programs.

Upper Peninsula Children’s Museum

2.37 mi / 3.82 km from the hotel
Spend the day with the kids learning about biology, health, technology, and more through interactive exhibits. This museum includes an archaeological dig site in a cave and a touch tank with snakes, turtles, and other fascinating creatures.

Presque Isle Park

3.78 mi / 6.09 km from the hotel
Take in views of Lake Superior from the shores of this forested peninsula. There’s something for everyone to enjoy at Presque Isle Park, from biking and hiking to picnic areas and playgrounds.