artand#39;otel berlin-mitte - Meeting Room Ermelerhaus
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art'otel berlin mitte | 50 years Ermelerhaus

Discover its rich history during this unique exhibition
Dive in Berlin's history from 5th to 7th October

To celebrate Ermelerhaus' 50 years, art'otel opens its doors for anyone to discover the unique rococo building and its rich history.

Come along between the 5th and 7th October to discover the Ermelerhaus, its decorations and marvelous paintings as well as the many unforeseen developments that paved its history. A special exhibition will be held during this event, where selected pictures of the Ermelerhaus from the past will accompany testimonies from people having their past tied with the Ermelerhaus through wedding ceremonies, restaurant work and many more.

Prime example of Berlin baroque and classicism, the Ermelerhaus impresses with its golden ramps and original paintings. In the 18th and 19th century, it became known as a major cultural and event center, hosting salons for the most important people of Berlin. But the conservation of this building wasn't an easy feat: after being bombed during the Second World War, the Ermelerhaus located in the Breite Straße was planned to be demolished for a street-widening project decided by the city's politicians in the DDR. AS to protect its rich heritage, the Ermelerhaus has first been dismantled and its ornaments safely stored away, before being rebuilt in its current location at the Märkisches Ufer. After becoming one of Berlin's most prized beer bar and restaurant, it finally became part of the art'otel berlin mitte; a perfect fit, considering art'otel's accent on art and its gallery-like corridors, where none less than 328 original paintings and etchings from Georg Baselitz are displayed.

Take a look at Ermelerhaus as our event venue

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art'otel berlin mitte

artand#39;otel berlin-mitte - Meeting Room Ermelerhaus

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