With the Blue Ridge Mountains as a backdrop, Boxerwood is a 15-acre nature center and woodland garden, filled with delights for nature enthusiasts, gardeners, birders, art lovers and wildlife viewers. The grounds feature a remarkable collection of dwarf conifers, dogwoods, magnolias, and perhaps the largest collection of Japanese maple varieties in the country (145). 

Birding devotees have spotted as many as 38 species on the grounds, including great blue heron and red-tailed hawks and identified 26 species of butterflies. 

Things to do at Boxerwood 

Children's Play Trail: Kids have the opportunity to get close-up and personal with nature. Fairy Forest: Build a house for the resident fairies. Pond: Count turtles sunbathing on the platforms in the pond. Flora & fauna: Admire over 400 species of trees and shrubs. Big Chair: Take a walk over to the prairie and take a photo of your friends and family in the Big Chair. Wetlands: Take a walk through the wetlands and observe its natural inhabitants. 

Learn about water conservation 

Boxerwood has been helping save the bay since its founding by and encourages visitors to drop in to learn more about how they may practice new conservation techniques at home.. The school programs teach 2,500 children a year about watershed. Younger students learn basic ecological concepts at Boxerwood. Older students will have the opportunity to conduct water-monitoring programs along local creeks and rivers and at the bay itself. Many classes also complete projects that directly help the bay. These projects include planting trees, recycling, cleaning up riverbanks, and teaching adults to do the same. Boxerwood best utilizes its facilities to model best practices for protecting watershed. A big challenge is managing storm run-off and associated erosion into streams. 

Reduce your carbon footprint 

There are many ways to succeed in the fight against carbon emissions. Boxerwood reduces its carbon footprint and educates others; planting trees, initiating energy conservation programs, recycling, developing new technologies, going solar, and adjusting its commuting routines. 

Observe Boxerwood conservationists help pollinators 

Boxerwood is working hard to help pollinators flourish. The pollinator garden is stocked with plants that butterflies and bees love most - nectar-rich plants such as bee balm, thistle, and calendula. Just thirty minutes after the last plant was placed last summer, the bees showed up, obviously ready to get to work. Native plants are best for pollinators.

Boxerwood's local Native Plant Society is installing a second garden that features only native species. When this project is completed, it too, will offer birds and butterflies a habitat filled with their favorite plants. Boxerwood welcomes visitors every day from dawn to dusk.

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