Valley of Three Ponds

The Valley of Three Ponds in Katowice, Poland is the most popular tourist attraction in the region. First established as a leisure space adjacent to Katowice Forest Park, the Valley of Three Ponds is a beautiful open space in nature and is perfect for exploring, relaxing, or just taking a long walk. The valley and park area have seasonal campgrounds, tennis courts, and a fine restaurant with inspiring views overlooking the water, and a distant view of downtown Katowice.

Beach bathing, water sports and more

Each of the water areas in Valley of the Three Ponds features something different for visitors to explore. There are areas that have beautiful beaches for bathing, while some are reserved for water sports. Several of the water areas have been reserved for fishing. The entire park area is also full of marked trails, making it a popular place for running, cycling, skating, hiking, sledding in winter, picnicking and many more outdoor activities. In the summer months, it's a great place for kids to visit as there is an outdoor water park. Guests and locals often frequent the seasonal bar on the shore of one of the ponds.

To get the most out of your visit to Valley of the Three Ponds, it is recommended that you explore the grounds by bicycle, especially when the weather is warm. You'll also find getting around to other locations in the area, such as the Trzy Stawy shopping mall, much easier.

The park's main entry is just three kilometers southeast of the city center near which you will find the nearest bicycle rental station. The Valley of the three Ponds is a large recreational area, excellent for sports such as jogging and roller skating, but also for cycling and running and swimming during the warmer seasons. You can combine your visit to Valley of the Three Ponds with a side trip to Nikiszowiec, the historic mining settlement on the other side of the park. It is a very calm and beautiful place in the heart of Katowice just a few minutes from the center and is wonderful to visit from late spring through autumn.

Valley of the Three Ponds is highly recommended for families, couples, and visitors who enjoy a nice walk or outdoor sports in a beautiful and inviting setting. When done exploring, there are few places in the area where you can grab a bite to eat and unwind.