Funken Restaurant

Come inside from the snow and relax in a warm and comfortable environment while you enjoy delicious cocktails or lunch. The Funken Restaurant, situated by the fireplace at Funken Lodge, is a cozy and intimate bar/restaurant that's perfect for "Apres-Snow." Svalbard's only cocktail bar serves drinks by a roaring fire—the cocktails and the warmth will soon have the blood flowing through your body again in this welcoming venue.

Relax by the fire

Situated by the upstairs fireplace at Funken Lodge, this is exactly the kind of cozy and intimate bar that you need after a day out in the snow. Whether it is an "after-snowmobile" drink or an aperitif before a good meal you are after, Funken Restaurant is the perfect place to go. Unwind by the fireplace or in a polar-inspired library and talk about your eventful day in the winter wonderland, from Svalbard's only cocktail bar, which serves delicious food and drinks.

Ground-breaking local favorite

The drinks menu has the classic favorites, but with names inspired by local people, companies, or events of great importance to the area. Not only will you enjoy these tasty cocktails, but you'll be able to learn something about the local culture from their staff. One claim to fame the Funken Restaurant has, with its extensive champagne list, is that it's the world's northernmost champagne bar. The bar also serve delicious warming coffees or cold beer from the local brewery, both of which are highly recommended. Funken Restaurant was the small town of Longyearbyen's first bar with mixed drinks and was opened in 1991. At that time the bar was a makeshift affair, with the reception desk being used as a bar, and staff from different departments acting like bartenders. That's all changed now, with a highly professional service on offer when you visit.

Afternoon and evening options

If you're visiting at lunchtime, Funken Restaurant has a small selection of dishes available, based on the same ingredients used in Funktionærmessen Restaurant. The food is prepared by the same chefs, to the same excellent standards. Alternatively, have a relaxing palate-cleansing aperitif at Funken and head to the restaurant itself for the full dining experience afterwards. Whatever you choose to do, don't leave before you have put your feet up by the fire and discovered the reading materials and study reports from Nansen and Amundsen's polar expeditions, which are available in their beautiful library.

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