Klaipeda Concert Hall

Situated in the heart of the city, Klaipeda Concert Hall is one of the region's premiere venues for a variety of events. From concerts to shows to receptions, a wealth of performances await for visitors' enjoyment. With all the amenities for a memorable occasion, this modern concert hall also boasts fashionable conference rooms and an expansive foyer. The hall's specialized sound and lighting equipment are ideal for classical music concerts. The concert hall started its activity in 2005 and since then it was on a mission to develop the music art of a high level, and organize public performances of professional stage art.

History of the Concert Hall

The building of today's concert hall has a special history of origin and is associated with the rifle organization. The story goes that during the Middle Ages in the towns of Europe there were many artisan associations that were defending the interests of a city from the duke's using military rifles. These military organizations were also using different culture events and activities to enshrine the old traditions of the people living in the town. Back then in the towns of Prussia rifles had their houses and shooting ranges, organizing different events and shooting tournaments, and there is some evidence suggesting that the movement of the riffle organization started in Klaipeda at the end of 17th century. In 1841, the rifles had bought a large piece of land and mounted a shooting range, located on the streets of Šauliai and S. Nėris, where the concert hall can be found today. After a new building was built on the new land, it became the seat of the organization alongside with a garden behind, a small house called ‘' glass pavilion'' and an orchestral building. Throughout the following years the buildings had been reconstructed and the riffle house had the biggest concert hall of the town and people could rent it out for different mass festivals or shooting tournaments. During the Soviet occupation, the building was used only for cultural events.

Tickets and events

There are numerous music events taking part at Klapeida Concert Hall. Some of the most popular are Klaipeda Music Spring, Klaipeda Carillon Festival and Summer with music. Tickets can be bought in advance online or at the Concert Hall Box office.

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