Munich's Oktoberfest is the world's most famous party, comprising of 16 days of fun and frivolity at the heart of the Bavarian capital. Oktoberfest, or simply known as "Wies´n", starts on the third Saturday of September each year. First established in 1810, now close to seven million visitors descend upon Munich for Oktoberfest in search of good times and great beer. Other cities hosting the event are modelling it after this one, meaning no matter where you choose to celebrate, you're in for an authentic experience. Whether you're a beer or ale lover or just looking to attend a legendary German event, then head on over to Munich for the experience of a lifetime.

Celebrating the beauty of beer

With more than seven million litres of beer served each year, Oktoberfest is all about celebrating the beauty of beer. Here you'll find both connoisseurs and visitors looking for a good time but what they all have in common is their love of the golden brew. Here they enjoy table service accompanied by traditional German music throughout the day and late into the night. Each year the breweries and restaurateurs attending Oktoberfest march together in a parade, with the incumbent lord mayor of Munich in front. During the parade, you can feast your eyes on spectacular and colourful carriages.

Opening the first barrel

The parade comes to an end downtown on the festival grounds. At 12:00 noon the lord mayor opens the first barrel in the Schottenhammel tent, thus declaring Oktoberfest opened. This ceremony is followed by 12 gunshots, signalling the other restaurateurs to start serving beer. With Oktoberfest well underway attendees can also feast on the many German dishes served there. From potato pancakes to white sausage, holidaymakers at Oktoberfest will experience a vibrant array of sights, sounds and tastes to last a lifetime.

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