Described as Baden-Baden's architectural centerpiece, discover the Kurhaus, or spa, as part of your stay in the luscious Black Forest region of Germany. Characterized by its neo-classical columns outside, designed by Friedrich Weinbrenner, enjoy its Belle Epoque halls as part of a conference, or simply as a visitor — why not make an evening of its casino, straight out of a James Bond movie?

The historic heart of Baden-Baden

Since the 18th century, the city of Baden Baden has attracted tourists, gamblers, spa and congress guests, day trippers and sociable locals, all of which contributed to the city's fame. Visit the numerous places around the city and enjoy the breathtaking views of the landscapes unparalleled elsewhere in Germany. Start your day by walking through the neat gardens of Kurhaus, listen to the melodious sounds of the Baden-Baden Philharmonic and enjoy a spectacular dinner in the Kurhaus restaurant. If you feel lucky and you want to try your luck, finish your night at the Casino, a place where tradition meets fine contemporary lifestyle.

History and architecture

The main structure was designed in 1824 by Friedrich Weinbrenner, consisting of three buildings parts. After gambling was forbidden in France in 1837, many French started to come to Baden Baden for gambling and soon after, the city was called the summer capital of Europe. Around 1900, Kurhaus was in need for renovation, and after a few disputes that lasted a few years between the city and the state on renovation plans, the building was almost completely restored.

Hosted events

Throughout the years, Kurhaus hosted several international gatherings like the world championship in chess in 1934, and the first official event of the NATO Summit on 3 April 2009.

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