Friedrichsbad Thermal Baths

Explore Roman bathing culture at the heart of the former Holy Roman Empire, Baden-Baden, located in Germany's breathtaking Black Forest region. The Friedrichsbad Thermal Baths intermingle with Irish hot air baths — a unique combination for total relaxation and rejuvenation. Make your way by foot through the city center to the baths, which were established in 1877. Experience the healing effects of the locally-sourced thermal springs, both indoors and outdoors.

Elegant bathing complex

The building is old with a classical architecture, marble, pillars and painted tiles, and the interior setting sets you back in time to the legacy of the kings who used it. Also called the summer capital of Europe, the Friedrichsbad spa was a popular destination for Queen Victoria, King Ludwig of Bavaria, Brahms, and Dostoevsky that would ramble on the verdant Lichtentaler Allee park.

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Enjoy the popular ritual of 17 stages of bathing like in the Roman era, the spacious rooms filled with hot dry air or pools of varying temperatures, massages, clouds of steam and insanely wonderful blasting – hot mineral showers. One of the most popular spa town in Europe, Baden Baden is truly an enchanting destination. Renowned for its beautiful nature, spas and the thermal baths, the city is visited by numerous tourists every year, looking for opportunities to relax and rejuvenate.

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