Casino Baden-Baden

Located in the breathtaking Black Forest region, Baden-Baden offers lots to do apart from its famed thermal springs, including this beautiful casino. With decadent interiors, gilded mirrors, and sparkling chandeliers, Casino Baden-Baden provides the perfect setting to live out your James Bond fantasies.

A glorious past

Founded by a Frenchman and loved by many celebrities and elite nobles over the centuries, the casino was once called the “most beautiful casino in Europe” by the actress Marlene Dietrich. The Russian writer Fyodor Dostoevsky’s The Gambler is believed to have been inspired by his turn of fortune at this casino. Almost 200 years after its opening, the opulent casino continues to be a popular attraction and is a must-visit if you find yourself in the region.

The French influence

The grand interior of the casino is inspired by the grandeur of French palaces including the Palace Versailles. Its location close to the French border ensured that it was a popular spot for French patrons when gambling was banned in France in the early 19th century.

An evening to remember

If you are looking for a special experience or just want to have a go at the old-school gaming in a spectacular setting, the casino inside the elegant Club Bernstein provides ideal scenery with professional service. Enjoy a meal at the Grill restaurant before heading over for a round of games. Savor classic and refreshing cocktails as you enjoy the charming and vibrant atmosphere, indulge in some casual gambling, or get competitive—make the evening whatever you want it to be.

More than gambling

Don’t miss this Baden-Baden landmark even if you don’t enjoy gambling. There are guided tours of this elegant venue steeped in history, both in the morning hours and in the afternoon when you can see gambling enthusiasts in action.

Before you visit

It is important to know that you need to carry a valid passport or ID for entry. Do not take children with you as entry is granted only to adults above 21 years of age. Make sure you dress formally. Men are required to wear a jacket and a shirt; a tie would be appreciated. If you are passing by Baden-Baden and don't have the appropriate clothing with you, the staff at the casino is able to provide the required attire for a fee. If you just want to stop by the slot machines, it is fine to be dressed in well-maintained casuals.

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