Hans Christian Andersen Museum

Odense, Andersen's birthplace

Situated in the heart of Denmark, Odense is the birthplace of the famous 19th-century fairy tale writer Hans Christian Andersen. Walk the cobblestone streets that Hans Christian Andersen once roamed while gaining inspiration for his next literary masterpiece. You'll notice on the sidewalk large-size red footsteps that will take you past 11 sites of great significance to Hans Christian Andersen's childhood and his fantastic writings. Find out more about the famous writer, and his childhood home at the Christian Andersen Museum. It is located in the building which is supposedly his birthplace, a small yellow house on the corner of Hans Jensens Stræde and Bangs Boder in the old town of Odense. In 1908, the house became part of the the Hans Christian Andersen Museum.

The Andersen collections

The collections document his life from his childhood years as the son of a struggling shoemaker and a washerwoman, to his schooling, career as an author, and later life, with artifacts providing an insight into his acquaintances and adventures. Andersen's childhood home is on Munkemøllestræde not far from Odense cathedral, an area that once was the poorest part of the city. He lived in the little half-timbered house from the age of two until he became 14. It was here, in his childhood home, that Hans Christian Andersen's imagination began to flourish. A small puppet theatre was his most treasured possession, and it became the place where his imagination could unfold. The house contains an exhibition of the cobbling tools used by his father and other items based on Andersen's own descriptions. To Hans Christian Andersen, paper was not meant to be media for the written word only, and the museum also presents many examples of Andersen's creative mind, like collages, papercuts, drawings among many others. 

Hans Christian Andersen's study in Nyhavn 18

During several periods of his life, Hans Christian Andersen lived in Nyhavn, the old port of Copenhagen, close to The Royal Theatre, where his plays were being played. This is where he also spent his final years, and the reconstruction displayed at the Andersen's museum shows the writer's study on the first floor at Nyhavn 18. Visiting the museum, you will have the feeling of viewing a room that seemingly has just been left by his notorious occupant. By looking into the study you'll get an authentic sense of being close to H.C. Andersen as a private person. Fun fact: all exhibited items once belonged to the writer!

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