Budolfi Domkirke

Enter the stunning Aalborg Cathedral – The Church of St. Budolfi named after the patron saint of seafarers and built in approximately 1000.

Rich interiors

Marvel at the impressive carvings and gilded details, as well as fresco murals from the beginning of the 1500s. Explore the vault with colorful depictions of the four evangelist's symbols: Luke's ox, John's eagle, Mark's lion and Matthew's angel. Due to its rural character and distance from Copenhagen, Aalborg's region held onto decorative elements of its roman catholic past longer than in any other parts of the country.

Holy music

Aalborg's landmark since 1779, the baroque 63,5m-high tower houses a huge collection of bells of all sizes. Visit this holy house and hear the resonant bells of the carillon mark the hour for a truly spiritual experience. The melodies are computer controlled and continuously renewed to fit the seasons. There are also carillon concerts on special occasions.

A bridge between past and present

More than a religious monument, this cultural and historical landmark stands as a testament to Denmark's endurance. This wondrous cathedral is quite a sight to behold both inside and out and is nothing short of spectacular and is the perfect outing for families and history aficionados.

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