Enjoy hockey, museums, concerts, and more fun things to do in Fargo

When you stay at the Radisson hotel in Fargo, ND, you can find fun things to do within walking distance, including shopping and dining. If you're a craft beer fan, pick up a crafts and drafts pass at Gallery 4 Ltd, collect stamps from each of the seven area breweries, then bring the passport to the Visitor Center to receive a free t-shirt. Use the climate-controlled skyway pedestrian system to access the Fargo Civic Center without worrying about the weather. From historical attractions such as the Hjemkomst Center to concert venues like the Fargodome, you'll find plenty of activities downtown, and you can count on a comfortable bed waiting for you when you return.

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The Children's Museum at Yunker Farm

2.42 ميل / 3.9 كم من الفندق
This museum offers educational fun for kids of all ages with interactive science and art exhibits.
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6.76 ميل / 10.88 كم من الفندق
Sponsored by the Cass County Historical Society, Bonanzaville showcases local history through more than 43 historic buildings and 400,000 artifacts.
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Concordia College

1.18 ميل / 1.89 كم من الفندق
A private liberal arts college focused on Christian values, Concordia serves more than 2,500 students and presents fine arts events that are open to the public.
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Fargo Air Museum

2.07 ميل / 3.33 كم من الفندق
Tour through air-travel history with exhibits of vintage planes, including the world's only flying Super Corsair.
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Fargo Theatre

0.14 ميل / 0.23 كم من الفندق
Dating back to 1926, this cinema screens not only current releases but also classics and indie films.
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Hjemkomst Center

0.22 ميل / 0.35 كم من الفندق
Learn about the history of the Red River Valley and view a replica Viking ship at the Hjemkomst Center.
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